Saturday, August 30, 2008

One more finish....

I've been finishing up my WIPs for Halloween...this one is a freebie from Passione Ricamo.


KarenP's Friday Finish

Finally a Friday finish for me! This is Pumpkin Stew by Shepherds Bush.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

...and a FINISH.....KP

...I know it's not Friday, but....My latest finish, from The Trilogy, this is Halloween Line-Up.


KarenP's Monday WIP

A little late posting this, but...I have two current WIPs to is Pumpkin Stew, which should be done in the next day or so, and the other is a Christmas stocking from Dimensions, which I am stitching for someone at the office. She bought the chart some time ago, and her mother bought one like it and they were going to do it together, but her mom passed away last May, so....she asked me if I would do this one for her.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Here is my QSW stitch and also a update on my And They Sinned.
Sandy P.

Monday, August 18, 2008

WIP Monday

I have been stitching this santa for a over a week now. It is from JCS 2001 issue Carol Emmer Aschenklaus. I am hoping to finish it this week.


I'm working on this SMO October this week. Here is my progress so Far. The Halloween bug hit me last week and I figured while I wait on some other designs to come in I would work on this one.

Thanks for looking Dawn B.

Monday, August 11, 2008

KarenP's Monday WIP

This stocking is coming along....looks like I might be able to finish it for Geri before Christmas!!

Meari's WIP Monday 8/11/08

Japanese Garden


Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Current stuff

This is Wren Song designs on Antique White with Ecru floss. I will be making them into Hardanger Ornaments when I get them finished. Which will hopefully be this week sometime.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

KarenP's Monday WIP

Okay, I know it's not a Halloween bad....but someone at my office is paying me to stitch a Christmas stocking for her son, can I refuse? Not much to see so far, but here it is!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Semi Finish

I now have to cut the centers out so I can wrap the bars and make Hardanger ornaments.
The bookmark took me about a week only cause I didn't have alot of stitching time on it. The diamond took me about 3 hours to do on Saturday.

Dawn's WIP monday 7/4/08

This is my new project for the month of August. Doing this as a Lizzie Kate SAL with a yahoo group.I'm using the RG - Santa's Beard & Suit floss for everything white. Except maybe his gloves ; Haven't decided that yet. If you want a better look you can click on the photo and it will show a blow up.

Thanks for looking.

Meari's Monday WIP 8/4/08

Japanese Garden
109 hours invested so far

Friday, August 1, 2008

Peace on Earth

This was an exclusive kit created by by Linda Stolz for The Silver Needle.

POE was stitched on 10ct gray aida with all specialty threads: two different mini suedes, fuzzy stuff, fyre works, perle cotton and over-dyed threads, plus included Mill Hill star embellishments.

Floss Tag

I created the floss tag by using parts of a freebie design called "Tea Time" by Ria Lanser. The tag was stitched on 18ct mauve aida using Six Strand Sweets Tropical Punch and DMC 208.

Front Side

Back Side

Health & Happiness

A Christmas Wish For Health & Happiness
Designer: Blue Ribbon Designs
Fabric: 18ct fiddler aida
Fibers: DMC floss, Kreinik Blending Filament


Designer: The Stitchworks Ltd
Time: 6 Hours
Fabric: 22ct mauve aida
Fibers: DMC and Rainbow
Gallery Wisper flosses
Embellishments: gold cording,
bells, and pearlized pins

Victorian Pansies Needlebook & Fob

Designer: Textile Heritage (Scotland)
Fabric: 18ct ecru aida
Fibers: DMC floss
Embellished with handmade cording

Pink Carnations

Pink Carnations
Finished: 11/08/07 Time: 29.5 Hours
Designer: Sweetheart Tree
Fabric: 28ct Graziano pink checkered linen
Fibers: DMC Threads
Embellished with Mill Hill Beads


Mime With Balloon Framed

Mon Beau Sapin II

My version of Mon Beau Sapin:

Mon Beau Sapin
Fabric: 22ct Green Aida
Floss: DMC Color Variations 115
Time: 6 hours
Embellishments: Gold Star Button,
Mill Hill Seed Beads, & Satin Ribbon

Mon Beau Sapin

Mon Beau Sapin
Designer: Aurelle
Time: 4 Hours
Fabric: 18ct fiddler aida
Fibers: Six Strand Sweets & DMC
Embellishments: Button, Bead,
handmade cording & tassle