Monday, September 8, 2008

WIP - Finish it Friday- BAP SAL

This is my first time posting here, hope I did it right!
First off is my WIP...the Stoney Creek Penguin Christmas the stocking...hate working with the Krenik thread. Luckily someone suggested I use something called Thread Heaven which is this stuff that keeps the threads together for awhile anyway.

Finally finished the first of the Halloween Ornies in JCS. Only finished stitching. Can't find the spider unless I order it online so I just may make my own from polymer clay.

And this...well this is my BAP....Village of Hawk Run Hollow...not much done but it's a start.

That's it for now!! Lucy

1 comment:

Dawn B. said...

The WIP looks great...Just finished the Britty Kitty myself and yours looks good. The BAP is off to a great start.