Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kathie's Friday Finish (OLD)

This is "Liberty" by Heart in Hand and was finished on April 4th! I'm finally getting around to posting it to the blog. I still have to find a star-shaped button to go in the lower right corner, but the stitching is all done. I worked on this strictly in the waiting room and treatment room at the chiropractor. This is a direct result of my moving adventures. Not bad for always on the run. I used a few scraps of WDW or GAST (can't remember) threads that looked close to what was in the picture. I only had one of the two blues called for in the color key. For some reason, the blue strip down the side is done in a different color of blue than the lettering and the strip across the middle. One of the chiropractors actually took an interest in tracking my progress each time he saw me working on this!

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Sandy P said...

Hi Kathie,
Life's a stitch and Liberty are beautiful, great stitching.
Sandy P.