Monday, October 27, 2008

In the Pumpkin Patch

I've been working on this bit by bit while waiting at the chiropractor (for Lizzie) and during youth group when AJ isn't driving. This is the time of year that I get a little more stitching time... the high school football season is almost over (we're in the playoffs this Friday). That means an end to constant picking up and running for practice for marching band (Lizzie) and football (AJ). Wrestling will start soon. Lizzie has signed up and AJ is contemplating it. That might mean MORE stitching time while waiting for practices to be over and while actually attending the wrestling matches. If AJ participates, they will be on separate teams since Lizzie is 8th grade and AJ is a junior.

I hope to get a lot more done before the end of the year!

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Shelleen said...

Oh wow, I like it already lol