Friday, October 10, 2008

Wren Song Design Update

Ok so here is the latest on the Wren Song Designs. 4 are done and 2 (one pattern) are left to do still. Maybe this week coming I will get them done. The pattern is called the Bridal Roses. They are not very big 3 inches finished actually. So I was talking with the owner of my LNS this week saying I wasn't sure how I was going to finish these off. They are supposed to be done as round ornaments. Apparently that is a very skilled task to be able to do. Sounds to fussy for me. So we decided I was going to get some cream to beige cardstocka nd make them into cards. I think that would be really neat. The actually pattern calls for the pink colours as seen in the top left hand corner but I decided to change them up a little. The last two I have to do will be the pinks (that are called for) for one of them and then the other will be various shades of purple. The first one took for ever to do but the other three worked up really quickly.

Today I spent time working on my Victoria Sampler Welcome Hearts Bellpull. I finished the petite blanket stitch a cross the top and put in the nun stitch. That took a bit of figuring out. I have started down the last side with the blanket stitching which I hope to finish tomorrow and start the cutting as well. I will attempt to do this on my own but if I run into troubles I have my class next weekend so I should be fine.

Yesterday I met a friend for coffee and while waiting for her I saw another lady who used to work at my LNS. We chatted for a bit and she said that she teaches classes and holds a stitching group at her place twice a month. She invited me to join them. She said the teacher that I am taking lessons from now comes and helps out. I am seriously thinking about joining. She told me to call anytime I had any questions, needed any help or just wanted to show her some of my work. I thought that was very nice of her. I might as the teacher next Saturday what the group is like then make my decision as to weather I will go or not. That would be twice a month and the other two weeks I would still go over to the LNS for "private" lessons.

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